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Payment options info

Bank Transfer / TT (IBAN/SWIFT)

You transfer the money from your to our bank account. IBAN transfers (within EU) takes about 2-3 business days. Bank transfers outside EU (SWIFT) takes about 5-7 business days.



Bank Card payments

Secure payment using all major bank cards. Payment is processed by eSerwice. We ship your order as soon as we register your payment and all items are in stock.

Acepted bank cards:

Please read the rules of procedure for eCard.pl and our Terms & Conditions


PayPal, Bank Cards, Bank

Secure payment by PayPal.com. Pay with your PayPal founds, major credit cards or bank transfer.





EU VAT Invoices - If you are a company and whish a VAT invoice please write amessage to us on your order. But below 500 EUR you pay always VAT to us and you can deduct it later when you make your declaration. If you make larger orders and have a valid VAT ID you can pay without VAT. Please contact us for more infromation.


Q: Why did my bank charge me more than the total amount on my order?
A: The amount charged from your account may be in some cases slightly higher (mostly about 1-3 euro) due to several currency exchange made by all involved banks. It may also depend on bank charges from your own bank. We are not in control of those charges. You may ask your bank for more information and their fees.