What's Reward Points?

Collect reward points you can buy for!

Reward points are like money in our shop, you can use it to pay for products you buy. It is like a discount for next purchase, you can use it or collect more and use later.

How to earn reward points ?

Each product you buy is worth reward points. You can see how many on both product page and on the checkout page.

As soon your order is sent we will add those rewardpoint to you account.

How much are reward points worth ?

Reward points are quite valuable! It depends on products you order  but it use to be around 16% discount for each 100 reward points (can be more or less from case to case).

As long you are logged in you can always see exactly how much money you earn on checkout.

Make sure to regsiter customer account

Make sure to regsiter customer account so you can collect reward point for each products you buy.

Login to see how much reward points you have.

Use your collected reward points to buy next time or get free products!

As long you are logged in you can easly see how many point you have and how much discount you will get.


Good luck with shopping at Mjukis.eu!