Dog Leather Leashes

Mjukis - Luxury Handmade Dog Collars genuine soft leather, top quality.Genuine Leather Dog Collars

Dog collars and leashes from Swedish Mjukis are made by hand from the finest natural leather you can get. It is soft leather of the same quality as i.a. used in luxury cars such as Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Our leather collars for dogs do not chafe, they are soft and comfortable for the dogs to wear and last a lifetime.


Types of leather in our products:

Cow napa leather - natural leather, the top layer of leather, thicker than napa leather, a superior material for e.g. soft and durable dog collars (or leather shoes).

Full grain leather - natural leather, it is the smooth, slightly shiny leather. Thinner and softer than napa leather. It is extremely durable over time and is highly waterproof.


Advantages of our leather products for dogs:

  • Handcrafted locally on a small scale, not mass-produced in Asia in large factories
  • Organically tanned
  • Does not lose color over time, the entire leather is dyed, not just the surface (more expensive process but gives a much more tear-resistant product)
  • Water-repellent
  • Round stitched in matching color
  • Round edges that do not rub
  • Metal parts made of plated nickel
  • Rings welded, round edges

Note that some of our leather collars and leather leashes may look similar to other leather models from other manufacturers. However, in most cases it is a completely different quality that is only noticeable when you have it in your hand and have used it for many years.


The durability

You can use Mjuki's leather products for dogs all your life, they stay nice and do not go south even after many years of use.
Mjuki's dog collars and leather leashes made of genuine leather are both elegant and decorative, as well as durable and easy to use.
A necklace or leash made of leather has many advantages. It is often the most comfortable thing for your dog to wear during long walks. Leather is durable and easy to wash off if it gets dirty, it's easy to care for.
Leather products from Mjukis last a lifetime, they retain their shape and quality even after many years of use.
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Exclusive Dog Leash Premium 13/200cm, Genuine Leather
Exclusive Dog Leash Premium 13/200cm, Genuine Leather
Exclusive Dog Leash Premium 13/200cm, Genuine Leather
Swedish Mjukis Exclusive Premium Quality Collars.   Collars Hand Made locally - Genu..
Model: W2-LE-GL
55.62 €